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Jazz Piano Lessons

The following jazz lessons are designed for young pianists with classical training who want to learn how to play jazz.  Lesson topics include reading a piano chord chart, chord voicings, chord substitutions, etc.

I hope that many aspiring jazz pianists will benefit from the lessons posted here.  They are free for the taking, but if you find them beneficial, please consider buying one of my CDs, joining my mailing list and attending one of my performances.

Jazz Questions 101

All questions were submitted by public school band directors.  I hope my responses will be helpful for teachers who don't consider themselves "jazzers", but who wish to further develop their ensembles, program and pedagogy. Please feel free to submit additional questions to me via e-mail.  As with all my online articles, readers are encouraged to respond with comments, further insights or countering opinions.  Please submit questions & comments to me via the "contact" portion of this site.  Indicate whether or not I may post your response and if you would prefer to remain anonymous or have your name included.


Jazz Composition and Music Arranging

Lecture notes, handouts and thoughts relating to the process of composing and arranging orchestral jazz music are included here.


(A substantial amount of new content will be added to this section of the site in the weeks ahead.)

Repertoire Selectionrepertoire

Selecting the right repertoire is a crucially important and challenging role for the director of any large jazz ensemble.  I have listed the performance sets I have selected when guest conducting regional high school and middle school jazz bands.  I have also provided titles of level appropriate, educational jazz band charts which caught my attention when on the road adjudicating.


Introductory Improvisation

Instruction and handouts from my many years of teaching jazz improvisation in courses and master classes are listed below.