Middle School Jazz Combo


Sonny Moon For Two,” by Sonny Rollins

Description: Bb blues
Play-a-long recording (for practicing at home): Aebersold vol. 1, vol. 54
YouTube recordings:
https://youtu.be/DXMwHVM113s (Sonny Rollins), https://youtu.be/K6ZUl2K0UzA (Grant Green), https://youtu.be/-H5hJpt3t2k (Dexter Gordon)

Blue Bossa,” by Kenny Dorham

Description: 16-bar tune in C minor
Play-a-long recording: Aebersold Vol. 54 (use “Solar Flair” track)
YouTube recordings: https://youtu.be/U7eOs5lERww
Original recording: Joe Henderson – “Page One”

So What,” by Miles Davis

Description: AABA 32-bar form, “modal,” features bass on melody.
Play-a-long recording: Aebersold vol. 54 (use “Impressions” track)
YouTube recordings:
https://youtu.be/ylXk1LBvIqU (from Kind of Blue), https://youtu.be/zqNTltOGh5c
Original recording: Miles Davis – “Kind of Blue”

Recommended Books and Resources:

  • The Real Easy Book – C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef versions
  • Jamey Aebersold Jazz “Play-A-Longs”: 

– Vol. 1, “How To Play Jazz and Improvise” (book/CD, book without CD, download tracks)

– Vol. 54, “Maiden Voyage” (book/CD, book without CDiTunes)

Concepts Discussed and Practice Ideas:

06/12/2018 Rehearsal:

Sonny Moon For Two

  • bass line construction: “root, root, 5, root” (everyone, not just Rachael)
  • blues scale
  • call and response
  • trading 4s.

Blue Bossa

  • listening to the Joe Henderson “Page One” recording and playing along
  • Bossa Nova bass line patterns (root and 5th of each chord).

So What

  • AABA 32-bar forms
  • following the form
  • two scales: C major and Db major (concert pitch)
  • Jimmy Cobb’s ride cymbal pattern (quarter note emphasis)
  • bass lines: every 2 measures, return to the root on beat one. Otherwise, just use scale notes to walk/meander. Copy Paul Chambers for ideas.


Impressions,” by John Coltrane

Description: AABA, “modal,” based on “So What”
Play-a-long recording: Aebersold vol. 54
YouTube recordings: https://youtu.be/03juO5oS2gg, https://youtu.be/UU-999dO9Cw
Original recording: John Coltrane – “Impressions”

Blues By Five,” by Red Garland

Description: F blues
Play-a-long recording: Aebersold vol. 1, vol. 54
YouTube recordings: https://youtu.be/jFFB1nxWKfA
Original recording: Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet


*Specific practice exercises will be added soon and will include:

  • Circle of 4ths
  • Scales
  • Additional bass line construction tips
  • examples from Aebersold vol. 1


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