What is Earl up to these days?

With another academic year behind him, Earl is transitioning into a more creative mindset.

For the week or so, Earl will be busy completing year-end reports and preparing several of his completed, yet unpublished songs for publication. Stay tuned for the release of the following charts through eJazzLines:

  • Sordid Sort of Fellow (big band & 10tet versions)
  • Cow Tippin’ (big band)
  • Cirrus (big band)
  • Small Town, Big Band (big band)
  • It Was Whispered (big band)
  • Mirror of the Mind (10tet)
  • Miles Apart (10tet)
  • Smoke & Mirrors (10tet)
  • Dolphy Dance (10tet)
  • Catch of the Day (10tet)

This summer he is committed to writing a new multimedia/big band project, in collaboration with visual artist, Cora Lynn Deibler, who created the artwork for his “Open Borders” CD.

Earl is training to run the Iron Horse half-marathon in Simsbury, CT in June.

Last update: May 16, 2018.

(Page inspired by Derek Sivers.).

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