Slides and Bibliography Assignment

Here’s the assignment:

  1. Read the linked extract from Professor MacDonald’s grant proposal, “Exposing Paradox in Political Tribalism – a musical and visual artistic collaboration,” to become familiar with the project’s overriding theme. Be prepared to engage in an initial discussion on Wednesday, Sept. 12.
  2. Search for articles — both online and print materials, which address how political tribalism in America led many white, evangelical Christians to internally reconcile and overlook agregious moral infractions which are incompatible with their core religious beliefs. Compile a bibliography of at least 5 sources to submit. Provide a two or three sentence synopsis of each listed reference. (This bibliography, and the content within within, will serve to inform both the musical composition and the accompanying, projected slides.)
  3. Prepare at least three provocative slides which could consist of such things as:
    • quotes from the presidential campaign trail which demonstrate or imply misogyny, sexism, xenophobia, racism, dishonesty, vulgarity, revenge, materialism, etc., perhaps followed by incompatible Biblical quotes.
    • factual statistics
    • graphs illustrating poll results
    • Citations from political strategists/policy advisors such as Karl Rove and Roger Stone, to illustrate how Christians have been successfully convinced they are most aligned with and best represented by the G.O.P..
    • etc.

Those who disagree with the premise behind this artistic statement may opt to write a three-page essay, explaining their oppositional stance. However, know that the topic was selected to make people feel uncomfortable, and to encourage wrestling with a difficult issue.

[submitted student assignments]

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