30 Songs in 30 Days

Between February 1 and March 1, 2012 Earl embarked on a 30 day blogging challenge, where he wrote a blues composition daily.  Each piece was posted on his blog, everupandonward.blogspot.com.

On April 24 & 26, 2012 he recorded all thirty songs, using an iPhone, with the assistance of four of his students:  Tom Lee – trumpet, Emily Lavins – saxophones, flute, Nick Trautmann – string bass, and Mike Allegue – drum set.  Each piece was recorded in one take, playing the “in head”, a couple of choruses of improvisation, and the “out head”.

All 30 tunes appear below.

  • To listen to a specific song, click on the gray “play” arrow.
  • To download printed music of a song, click on the song title.
  • To read the original blog post, click on “Blues #__”.

Blues #130 Day Blues

30 Day Blues

Blues #2Toy Trane

Toy Trane

Blues #3Compound Line

Compound Line

Blues #4Bottom Feeders

Bottom Feeders

Blues #5Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension

Blues #6Riff Raff

Riff Raff

Blues #7Stella’s Stroll

Stella’s Stroll

Blues #8Cow Tippin’

Cow Tippin’

Blues #9Chunka Skunk

Chunka Skunk

Blues #10Force of Habit

Force of Habit

Blues #11Upping the Ante

Upping the Ante

Blues #12:  Ad Nauseam

Ad Nauseam

Blues #13:  Struggling To See The Unseen

Struggling To See The UnSeen>

Blues #14Lover’s Quarrel

Lover’s Quarrel

Blues #15Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

Blues #16Flip Side

Flip Side

Blues #17Brood of Vipers

Brood of Vipers

Blues #18Solar Flare

Solar Flare

Blues #19Un-American


Blues #20Big Brother

Big Brother

Blues #21Sensory Break

Sensory Break

Blues #22Internal Candidate

Internal Candidate

Blues #23The Stalker

The Stalker

Blues #24Google Is Watching

Google Is Watching

Blues #25Jacob’s Blues

Jacob’s Blues

Blues #268 Bar Snooze

8 Bar Snooze

Blues #27You Would If You Loved Me

You Would If You Loved Me

Blues #28Disillusionment


Blues #29:  Good Riddance

Good Riddance

Blues #30:  Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

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