Album Conceptualization

After surveying a sampling of albums, you will imaginatively plan a jazz album which addresses a social justice issue of your choice. In the role of album producer, you will…

  1. select a sociopolitical or social justice issue around which to base your project
  2. identify several organizations or individuals (authors, activists, influencers etc.) with whom you could collaborate. What might their role be? How could they be of assistance?
  3. provide a list of reference sources regarding your chosen cause. These could be book titles, podcasts or web site urls.  (5 minimum).
  4. visualize whose album you will be producing (marquee artist/band leader/ensemble)
  5. name any guest musical collaborators who will be asked/hired to contribute. On what tracks will they appear? Why were they selected?
  6. outline the instrumentation you imagine. Will the instrumentation remain consistent for the entire album? Will there be vocals or will the album be entirely instrumental?
  7. list any potential sources of funding.
  8. choose the album title
  9. select and list the song titles (between 5 and 10)
  10. describe “the vibe” of each song (mood, tempo, resemblances)
  11. write the album’s liner notes
  12. design an album cover/graphic
  13. detail how you plan to market the recording. Who are your target demographics? How might you use social media to your advantage? To whom will you send the album to be reviewed? etc.
  14. write a descriptive “one sheet” to present to reviewers, podcast hosts and radio DJs.
  15. prepare and share an “elevator pitch,” describing your album project


* Upload your completed project as a PDF to the following drop box folder by 9AM on Thursday, Oct. 28th:


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