Celebrate Theory

I’m an “ear player” with very little theoretical background. How can I get myself up-to-speed in music theory?


I have both of my own kids working out of the series, “Celebrate Theory,” published by the Royal Conservatory.  You can purchase these books on Amazon, or through the website of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

I’d suggest starting with book 1 and then when you’re done with all the written exercises, go onto book 2, and so on. This material is essential if you are considering studying music in college. Most schools have a theory test as part of the admission process. Unfortunately, I see many talented musicians denied entrance every year, because they don’t pass this test.

You might want to find a local teacher who can review your work in the exercise books, to make sure you answered everything correctly.

To work through the instructional material on my web site, you really just need to know your major scales.  I relate everything to major scales — even minor chords. (When I say “flat three” I just mean to lower the 3rd down a ½ step.) That said, you should also learn about minor scales and work towards filling in any holes in your musical knowledge.

Good luck with this!

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