So What/Impressions Test

Recorded Submission:

Video record the following material to submit to the linked dropbox folder before 5:00 PM on Monday, Oct. 31st, 2022. All of the following should be memorized. Do not read music. Position your camera to demonstrate no music is being read. Label your video as: “FirstName_LastName – Impressions.” If possible, please edit your videos into one file, rather than submitting multiple files.

A. Scalar exercises, unaccompanied.

Play the following, ascending & descending, adhering to the specified pattern. The requested exercises are listed using concert keys.

  1. 3rds: up (↑) — C major
  2. 3rds: up-down (↑↓) — Db major
  3. triads: up (↑) — Db major
  4. 7th chords: up-down (↑↓) — Db major
  5. 7th chords up, scale down & vise vera — C major (“up the chord and down the scale…”)

Each of the above is worth 2 points each.

B. Impressions Melody

With the recorded background accompaniment for “So What,” or “Impressions,” play:

  • the Impressions melody

Correctly playing the melody earns 2 points.

C. Improvisation, using specific “building blocks” (3rds, triads, etc.)

With the recorded background accompaniment for “So What,” found on, play:

  1. a one chorus solo, using 3rds exclusively, in any direction (up, down, up-down, down-up)
  2. a one chorus solo, using triads exclusively, in any direction.
  3. a one chorus solo, with no restrictions. “Mix it up,” using seconds, thirds, triads and sevenths.

All solos must outline the AABA 32-bar form, adhering to the harmonic change in the bridge. Demonstrate command of the material, while occasionally varying rhythms and tastefully incorporating some space.

The choruses using 3rds and triads are worth 5 points each.  The chorus with no restrictions is worth 3 points.


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