Fourths Voicings Blues

Because the standard 12-bar blues is comprised only of seventh chords and one mi7 chord, it is the perfect vehicle for applying the fourths voicings learned in the previous lesson.  Alternating between A & B positions is sometimes necessary to achieve some common tones and good voice leading from measure to measure.  You may read through the provided, attached example, but you will receive the most benefit from looking only at the chord symbols and finding the voicings on your own.

Side-Step Approaches

When this becomes easy, begin experimenting with sidestep approaches into chords.  Approach each chord from a half-step above or below on the eighth note preceding each change in harmonic rhythm.

A double approach is also possible.  Start a full tone above or below the “target chord” using two eighth notes preceding each harmonic change.  In practice sessions, approach every chord so that you can apply this technique sparingly and with taste in real playing situations.  Herbie Hancock and Brad Mehldau are two modern pianists who often apply this technique in their comping.


PDF Attachments:

Fourths Blues Voicings

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