Labeling Voiced Chords

In this lesson, we will label all the voiced chords on the attached “Chord Identification” page, below. The page is an adaptation of a handout that was given to me by guitarist Ted Dunbar, many years ago.  Use the following steps to determine each chord’s name.

  1. Identify the root and write the letter name above the chord.
  2. Locate the chord’s 3rd and 7th to determine the quality (major, minor, dominant, etc.)
  3. Account for any remaining notes (5ths, 9ths, etc.)
  4. Consult with the “Chord Symbol Notation & Identification” handout, if necessary.
  5. Finish labeling the chord.

An answer key is provided to check your work, and to learn from your mistakes upon completing the assignment.  Good luck!

PDF attachments:

Chord Identification
KEY – Chord Identification
Chord Symbol Notation & Identification

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