Individual Lecture Presentations

Each student will prepare a short lecture presentation for the class, valued at 15% of their final grade. The presentation will include:

  • playing the recorded audio sample(s) via YouTube or MP3.
  • providing contextual historical background about the performing artist and piece
  • summarizing the social issue addressed by the music
  • leading a brief concluding discussion and/or fielding questions

Visual aids (powerpoint, etc.) are encouraged but are not mandated.

The entire presentation, including audio samples, and post-lecture discussion will be limited to 15 minutes to facilitate 3 student presentations per 50-minute class periods.

Songs or albums can be selected from the provided list (see course outline), or from other socially inspired jazz recordings, approved by the instructor.


Upload your files to the following folder:


NOTE: all powerpoint presentations or visual aids must be submitted on the Friday before your presentation, as it takes time to format and upload the materials.

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