Mirror of the Mind: Music Videos

Much of the music for the “Mirror of the Mind” CD was written for three collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects Earl did with visual artists Deborah Dancy and Ted Efremoff.  Earl’s music was written to correspond and interact with their projected artistic images.  These three suites have only been publicly performed a handful of times.  Earl is happy to now have the music documented in fixed form.  Three examples are posted below:

1. “Miles Apart”  (from the “Above the Surface of the Water” suite):


2. “Bidwell Cronies” (from the “Meadowlark” suite):


3. “It Was Whispered” (from the “Beneath the Black Earth” suite):

Earl havs described the collaborative suites and the creative process behind them in several published blog articles.  Here are some links, should you be interested in reading further:

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