Open Borders: Thanks

University of Connecticut Scholarship Facilitation Fund and
School of Fine Arts Dean’s Grants

Peter Kontrimas of PBS Studios – the best recording engineer in the business.

Cora Lynn Deibler – the brilliant illustrator who designed the album’s packaging.

Paul Gruhn, for photographing and video recording the recording session.

The UConn Jazz 10tet:

Adam Harris, Kevin Duffy, Sally Kurdziel, Charles Salley, Grant Eagleson, Michael O’Callaghan, Alex Gertner, Liam Reynolds, Andrew Wynsen, Nate Giordano, Will Trautmann.

The band:

Kris Allen, Wayne Escoffery, Lauren Sevian, Jeffrey Holmes, Josh Evans, Alex Gertner, Sara Jacovino, Henry Lugo, Ben Bilello.

Musicians who helped shape and realize this music by performing it in concerts:

Saxophonists: Jovan Alexandre, Jim Brenan, Glenn Kostur, Frank Kozyra, Mark Small, Lummie Spann

Trumpeters: Larry Gareau, Brad Goode, Frank Greene, Tony Kadleck, Nick Marchione, David Stangarone, Greg Hopkins, Doug Olsen

French Hornists: Shelagh Abate, John Clark, Angela Haynes, Bob Hoyle, Tim Riley, Tom Varner

Trombonists: Allie Bosso, James Burton III, Andre Hayward

String Bassists: Gregg August, Mike Downes, Alexandra Eckhardt, Dave Santoro

Drummers: Jonathan Barber, Jimmy Macbride, and Bill Reynolds, Ed Soph.

The Hartford Jazz Society

Michael O’Callaghan and Doug Maher – for their input in helping me determine an order of songs for the album.

UConn School of Fine Arts Professors:

Deborah Dancy, Judith Thorpe, Cora Lynn Deibler, Ray DiCapua, John O’Donnell, and Mary Ellen Junda – for your willingness to brainstorm, and share your creative brilliance, at a time when I felt “stuck.”

Team MacDonald – supporting each other’s dreams since 2003.

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