Schroeder’s Tantrum: Reviews

Schroeder’s Tantrum

* Radioland (RACD 10008)

released: 1997

features: Ralph Bowen (tenor sax), Kevin Dean (trumpet), Mike Downes (bass), Ted Warren (drums)


“This is a rare debut session that shows great promise and great achievement.  Not surprisingly, MacDonald’s own playing seems to probe the deepest spirit of the works”.

David Dupont

Cadence Magazine

July 1998


“MacDonald makes a confident first impression with his writing.  Everything seems to sit well with his musicians.”

Mark Miller

Toronto Globe and Mail

January 22, 1998


“It’s not just the way he plays but the way he writes.  Earl MacDonald channels his arresting chops into intriquing melodies that hold your hearing even as your foot taps into overtime.  The floating charms of “Wanton Spirit” and the Monkish wit of “Schroeder’s Tantrum” mark only two aspects of MacDonald’s lively imagination.  In the near future we’ll hear even more; stick around.”

Randal McIllroy

Coda Magazine


“Earl has a quality and tone that is truly distinctive.  His compositions are imaginative and to top it off, he plays with intellect, passion and most importantly, creativity.”

Ross Porter

President & CEO of JAZZ FM91, “Canada’s Premier Jazz Station”,

Former host of “After Hours”, the nationally broadcast jazz program of CBC Radio.  (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

“With all due respect to Earl’s powerful pianistic prowess, it is his compositional character that will distinguish this serious artist from the rest of the crowd.  Reminiscent of the heyday of BlueNote creations, originals deserving wider recognition include “The Din of Strife”, “Multiple J’s”, the challenging “Schroeder’s Tantrum”, and Kenny Barron’s favorite, the beguiling “Wanton Spirit” – and what whets Barron’s appetite will undoubtedly capture the imagination of many others.”

Ray Alexander

The Jazz Report Magazine

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