Summertime Test

Recorded Submission:

Video record the following material to submit to the linked Google Drive dropbox before 5:00 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 30th. All of the following should be memorized. Do not read music. Try to position your camera to demonstrate that no music is being read. If possible, please edit your videos into one file, rather than submitting multiple files.

When indicated, use the following recorded accompaniment:


With the above track…

  1. Play the head, interpreting the melody with swing rhythms. Use the recorded play-a-long accompaniment. [normal playback speed]
  2. Arpeggiate the song’s progression (1, 3, 5, 7/6), using “bah-bah-doo-dah” swung eighths. On tonic minor chords use 1, 3, 5,6. Choose to consistently arpeggiate either “V ⇒ I” OR “ii-V ⇒ I.” [normal or .75 playback speed]
  3. Plug in our “V ⇒ I lick” in all the appropriate spots. Play nothing in the other measures. [normal playback speed]
  4. Plug in our “ii-V ⇒ I lick” in the same appropriate spots, playing nothing in the other measures. [normal playback speed]
  5. Without accompaniment, demonstrate the three blues scale licks we learned in class
  6. Demonstrate the application of major pentatonic scales to Summertime, by playing the ascending form of the pentatonic corresponding to each chord. Play the five notes as four eighths + a quarter note. [normal or .75 playback speed]
  7. Perform the piece [at normal speed], adhering to the following (non-stop) format :
    • “in-head,” twice (interpreted melody)
    • 3 choruses of improvisation
    • “out-head,” once

In your 3 choruses of improvisation, highest marks will be given to those who incorporate the concepts taught in class. Listed in general order of importance, these include: V & ii-V licks, the blues scale, chord tone arpeggios, pentatonic scales and other chord-scale relationships.

Numbers 1 – 6 are worth 10 points each. Number 7 is worth 40 points. What you earn out of 100 points will be account for 15% of your final grade.

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