The Power of Incentive

This is a diagram of the circle of fourths. It demonstrates the order of flats and sharps for determining key signatures in music.

How do you get a kid to do something for which they have limited interest? Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right incentive. This summer, I wanted my 13-year old son to learn the twelve major scales on his instrument. (Knowing scales is foundational for all music making,…

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Sordid Sort of Fellow

Winnipeg-based trumpeter, Frank Burke

Sordid Sort of Fellow will be the second track on my coming album, “Open Borders.” The song includes solos by Josh Evans (trumpet), Sara Jacovino (trombone), Henry Lugo (string bass) and me (piano). I am saving the recording until it’s release in October, but here is a live version to…

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Chord Tone Patterns

Chord Tones

I continue giving my son occasional jazz exercises as an add-on to his regular trumpet lesson material. Building upon our previous exercise of arpeggiating the chords of a 12-bar blues, we are currently jumbling the order of the chord tones, to create a variety of patterns to play through the blues progression.…

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