February Listening Highlights

I’m often asked by both musicians and non-musicians alike, “what are you listening to these days?” In all honesty, I’m sometimes hesitant to share, because what I enjoy might not be a good entry point for jazz newcomers. Anyways, I’ll go ahead. Because I’m currently on sabbatical, I have more time…

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Writing Drum Parts

As a big band arranger, writing drum parts is one of the harder tasks you will encounter. So, watch this instructional video to see: what to include in a big band drum part, and how to enter it into Finale music notation software. This video was made for my jazz…

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Arranging “Dig In Buddy”

the original music for "Dig In Buddy," a song by Tyler Hornby

Tyler Hornby, a drummer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, hired me to write a big band arrangement of his composition, “Dig In Buddy.” When it was completed, I decided to adapt it to perform and record with my own 10-piece band. Here is the final version, as it was recorded on…

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