Composing and Arranging

Should you be interested in commissioning Earl to write a new piece of music, specifically for your band, contact him through this site. Rates are negotiable.

Commissioned works have been written for:

  • UMass Amherst Jazz Ensemble 1, directed by Jeffrey Holmes
  • Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, directed by Dr. Richard Gillis
  • Marshall University’s Jazz One Ensemble, directed by Martin Saunders
  • Westchester Jazz Orchestra, directed by Mike Holober
  • Grant McEwan Faculty-Alumni Big Band
  • Amherst College Big Band, directed by Bruce Diehl
  • USAF Airmen of Note
  • Central Massachusetts District Jazz Band
  • Jerrold Dubyk (saxophonist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Tyler Horby (drummer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Additional articles regarding Earl’s work as a composer/arranger:

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