We Demand Action

Rally to End Gun Violence

Three mass shootings in one week, not to mention countless other gun related deaths (suicides, domestic violence, homicides, accidents, etc.) — Is this enough to incite change and spur our lawmakers into action?

At today’s Rally to End Gun Violence at the State Capitol in Hartford, Mitch McConnell‘s name came up repeatedly as the individual responsible for obstructing progress with regards to legislating common sense gun reforms. As the Senate Majority Leader, he is the one who decides what bills make it onto the Senate’s voting agenda. Among other bills, he is preventing senators from voting on:

If you’re looking for action steps, as I often am, consider donating to the campaign of his Kentucky Senate seat rival: Amy McGrath. It’s time to Ditch Mitch!

Also, Senator Chris Murphy is encouraging his constituents to:

Tell Mitch McConnell: Call the Senate back into session and hold a vote on gun safety legislation immediately. We should be passing universal background checks tomorrow.

Click on the link above, and complete the simple form demanding action from Senator McConnell.

I am thankful for the tireless work of Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, as well as CT Against Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. Together, we CAN end gun violence. Let’s end the cycle of 100 Americans being killed with guns, every day.

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