Keeping Unity

“Unity” is currently my least favorite word in the Christian lexicon. The phrase “keep unity among believers” is used as a silencer whenever something oppositional is spoken that’s deemed “too political” or requires uncomfortable introspection. I’ve grown tired of Christians quoting Ephesians 4:3 to shut down debate, midrash and justified…

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Pastors Talking Politics

Do politics belong in sermons?   Politics affect people, and as believers who have been commissioned to love our neighbors, I actually think we should not be afraid of talking about policies that affect others. I don’t agree with this Pastor’s stance here. The loving thing to do is to…

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Podcast Interview

Earl MacDonald was interviewed at WHUS, for Rev. Brian Blayer's Podcast, "Crossroads"

When the local Episcopalian priest asked me to do a podcast interview, he may have gotten more than he bargained for. His show is called “Crossroads — where faith and every day life converge.” Guests are asked to share how their faith shapes and impacts their lives. This topic was…

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