Keeping Unity

“Unity” is currently my least favorite word in the Christian lexicon. The phrase “keep unity among believers” is used as a silencer whenever something oppositional is spoken that’s deemed “too political” or requires uncomfortable introspection. I’ve grown tired of Christians quoting Ephesians 4:3 to shut down debate, midrash and justified holy anger. Even though some will dismiss the following as being divisive, the failure to speak out is far worse, IMHO.

If your stance regarding the sanctity of life ends after birth, check where your allegiance lies. Consider how much money Republican senators and members of congress have accepted from the NRA (remembering they vote along party lines, not as conscienced individuals)! When lobbied by the Sandy Hook families, these cowards couldn’t even look them in the eye. Are you not bothered by their inaction, acceptance of bribes and demonstrated distain for the victimized families? It certain doesn’t reflect Jesus — and yet you, as self-identifying Christians, remain registered Republicans. Yes, I take notice of this, and your unified silence.

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